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Fun Places and Activities in Dubai 

Dubai, the name of this city alone brings with it the feel of a new adventure and unforgettable memories. From culture and cuisine, to jaw-dropping skyscrapers, to the largest mall in the world, Dubai is a hub of various attractions, fun and excitement. Here's a list of exciting places in Dubai to make your journey not just pleasant, but phenomenal.

Dubai Waterparks

So I’ve decided to kick off this list with the waterpark attractions Dubai has to offer. It’s safe to mention that the heat in Dubai is going to follow you throughout this journey so there’s no better way of greeting an old friend, or hydrating the kids than with a splash in the water to get those adrenaline levels to an all time high. It’s the Atlantis Aqua-venture & Lost Chambers.

Ranked as one of the best water parks of the Middle East, the entire theme of this breathtaking location is based on the myth of Atlantis. Home to over 65,000 marine animals, this waterpark brings with it the adrenaline thrill of sliding down the largest waterslide in the world, the heart racing experience of exploring the dark and mysterious tunnels, and the jaw dropping water coasters. After such an unforgettable experience, you’ll probably want to give your heart a break and there’s no better way to relax than on the 700-meter private beach. There’s no doubt that this is definitely one of the fun places in Dubai for the entire family.

Cheeky Monkeys Dubai

In today’s day and age, technology has taken a toll on our young ones. At Cheeky Monkeys Dubai, your young ones will breakaway from their screens and into a world full of a tremendous range of games, sports, delicate play zones, and educational classes. Cheeky Monkeys Dubai offers a clean, secure, and fun environment for children to utilize their creative energy. Recognized as the fastest-growing kids center in Dubai, your kids will come back home with a handful of memories. It is equally exciting for parents and children. With a cafeteria serving the tastiest food for kids, and a big party hall which you can pre book for your little one’s special day. Cheeky Monkeys Dubai is a celebration master with over 5,000 birthday parties held, giving everything a child might possibly need in a birthday party, from nourishment and refreshments, to prizes, cake and desserts.

Burj Khalifa

Another one of the fun places in Dubai is the one and only Burj Khalifa. You’ve definitely heard of it but have you ever seen it live in person? Looking up at this masterpiece of architecture, it’s a never ending high. Imagine the Eiffel tower, just three times higher. The first thing you’d want do is make your way up to the two observation decks on the 124th and 148th floor, unless you have a fear of heights, then I’d sit this one out! It is safe to mention that if you do make it up there, you will be treated to a handful of refreshments, including coffee. That should make it easier. Along with the breathtaking views comes a high tech experience with interactive screens where you can “fly” to various city locations just by hovering your hands over high tech sensors. Take your trip down to the 125th floor and experience the view of Dubai from a Falcon’s perspective. An insider’s tip: is that prices will go up around night time so it’s probably a good idea to visit during the day.

The Dubai Mall

Yes, this is definitely one of the most fun -filled places in Dubai to visit. The largest mall on the planet; with 1,200 stores and home to the Dubai Aquarium, the largest indoor aquarium in the world. An aquarium that offers your children the ability to not just watch but actually interact with underwater animals. With an underwater zoo located just above the aquarium, it is home to a rainforest with a staggering range of exotic species and animals. A mall that meets all your shopping expectations and dreams. There’s nothing better to do after a long day of shopping than sit back and enjoy a variety of films in the dazzling 22 screen cinema. If you’re not one for films, then there are plenty of other attractions awaiting you. You can go cage diving with sharks, explore the largest candy shop in the world, Candylicious, and fill your bag with sweets, or spend the night in the 250 room luxury hotel. Did I forget to mention the real-snow, indoor ski slope? Ski Dubai!

The name sounds weird at first because how could you possibly ski in a hot, desert country right? Well, even that is possible in the city of wonders. Located inside the mall, this attraction gives you the real deal experience of skiing indoors. Known as one of Dubai’s top visitor destinations, it was awarded as best indoor ski resort in 2016-2017. From building your own snowman to just having a fun time in the snow, Ski Dubai offers you the chance to climb towers, explore indoor ice caves, and even, meeting a real life penguin. Beats a trip to the North Pole for sure, if you ask me! An attraction made for the entire family, Ski Dubai should definitely make your list of fun places to visit in Dubai.

Global Village

If I told you that you could experience the wonders of all the world, in just one place, would you believe me? A primary family destination, Global Village is known as the first of its kind in the region with a huge multi-cultural theme where you can experience different cultures, entertainment, shopping, cuisine, and attractions from all around the world in just one place and in the open air. Located at the heart of Dubai, it highlights the beauties of each culture, taking visitors on a journey to explore structures each representing the abundance of each nation. It is a beautiful and unique way of portraying the world’s diversity and getting all the information you need on a culture for future visits. All these extraordinary encounters come at a price of just 15 AED per ticket. Get ready to be taken on a memorable journey at yet another fun place in Dubai.

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